Trivial Pursuit Questions about U.S. Geography

Explore the history of the United States through dozens of interactive stations in Trivial Pursuit®: A 50-State Adventure at The Strong® museum, February 14–May 10, 2015. Travel from coast to coast learning about historical sites, iconic tourist destinations, and popular recreation and sports venues through unique hands-on activities, challenging puzzles and games, and a blend of classic and special edition Trivial Pursuit® questions.

Test your knowledge with these Trivial Pursuit questions about United States geography (answer key below):

U.S. History and Culture
1)    What are raced in Alaska’s Iditarod?
2)    What name was given to the volunteer militia ready to arm at a minute’s notice during the War of American Independence?
3)    What Texas city boasts the U.S.’s tallest battle monument?
4)    What New York lake is said to be home to a giant serpent named Champ?
5)    What Western state capital calls itself The Almond Capital of the World?
6)    What war did the first troops to be buried in Arlington State Cemetery fight in?
7)    What was the world’s first national park?
8)    What state’s official flower is the orange blossom?

9)      What state is home to the Poconos?
10)    What U.S. River is second in volume to the Mississippi?
11)    What Midwestern state boasts the longest fresh-water shoreline?
12)    What’s the shallowest of the Great Lakes?
13)    Which state is Michigan City in?

14)    What U.S. state comes third in alphabetical order?

Answers: 1) dogsleds 2) Minutemen 3) Houston 4) Lake Champlain 5) Sacremento 6) Civil War 7) Yellowstone National Park 8) Florida 9) Pennsylvania 10) The Ohio 11) Michigan 12) Lake Erie 13) Indiana 14) Arizona

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